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The YSDS Way

International shipping in today's globalized world can be an overwhelming task and consists of several crucial steps that needs mastering.

Pickups are usually inflexible. Correct packaging and labeling is fundamental for safe handling. Staying on top of and creating compliant documentation while choosing the most suitable shipping method is also crucial for cost-efficient and on time deliveries.

We exist solely to eliminate these pain points for our clients without charging extra - saving both your time and money.

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Shipping. Made Easy.

Instead of spending time making sure everything is correctly packed and labeled while selecting and booking the correct transportation method based on your urgency - leave all of that to us.

We call it the YSDS Way™, and simply means that we take care of everything related to your shipping needs - from picking your goods up to delivering it to its final destination.

Read more about the YSDS Way, and what we do to provide the best service level in the industry at the same prices as the rest.

What we do best

A successful delivery means getting something from A to B, safe and on-time. Sounds easy right? We beg to differ.

Special Ops

It all starts with an email or phone call to our Operations team

They are standby for our clients 24/7/365 - ready to set the wheels in motion.

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Goods located at your front desk? Warehouse? Factory? Antarctica?

Just let us know where and we will be there as soon as possible.

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Don't have your own packing station or the necessary equipment?

We do, let us handle everything related to packing for you. Securely.

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Weighing & Measuring

Length, girth, height, weight and volumetric weight of parcels has impact on both price and handling.

Let us do it for you.

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Compliant documentation is fundamental for successful international shipments.

We have extensive experience of getting your paperwork right.

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Shipping labels identify content and special handling requirements.

Leave it to us to ensure this is handled correctly.

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What shipping method and network is best suited for your goods?

Our operations team are experts at finding the most optimal solution.

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Some goods are more sensitive than others when it comes to transporting them.

We have solutions for ensuring delicate handling.

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We allocate dedicated tracking resources for your shipments, working pro-actively to predict and remove potential obstacles before the cause any problems for you.
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