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Tradeshows & Events

Trade shows and events are a crucial part of many of our clients businesses.
It goes without saying that the materials needed should arrive safe and on time but allowing us to handle the whole shipping process for you means that you can focus all your efforts towards the success of the event itself.

Let us take care of all the shipping related hassles.


Client case

What: sunglasses
Where: Stockholm - Copenhagen - Oslo - Stockholm
When: 4 stops in 5 days

YSDS Way: Our client had asked us to help them with a roadshow for a set of exhibitions throughout the Scandinavian capitals. Our task was not only to transport but also to build the actual stands and get them ready for display. Once an event had finished, our Couriers took everything down, and drove a dedicated vehicle overnight to the next destination and repeated the procedure making sure everything was ready for the next event.

Fun fact: since Norway is not a member of the European Union we needed to pre-clear everything for customs in order to move fast.

Show must go on

Co-ordinating tradeshow and event shipping services is in today's globalized economy trickier than it seems. A seemingly common international shipment such as a laptops could be considered Dangerous Goods due to them containing lithium ion batteries, resulting in specific packing, labelling and documentation requirements.

For international tradeshows, some key elements for a successful shipping process are:

Packaging & Crating

Are you shipping sensitive or high value goods that require specific packing?
You can count on us to create customized and reliable solutions for each of your shipments.
Read more about Packaging & Crating

Weighing & Measuring

The length, girth, height, weight and volumetric weight of goods will impact both price and handling when it comes to shipping. Let us take care of that for you.
Read more about Weighing & Measuring


Proper documentation is fundamental for successful international shipments.

We have extensive experience of getting your paperwork right.

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Shipping labels identify content and special handling requirements. Managed incorrectly often results in shipments being delayed and/or damaged. We know exactly how to go about it.
Read more about Labeling


Some goods are more sensitive to damage than others.

We have different solutions for ensuring delicate handling.

Read more about Handling


We allocate dedicated resources to track all our shipments, working pro-actively to predict potential obstacles and remove them before the cause any problems for you.
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