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Temperature controlled shipments

Goods that are sensitive to temperature shifts require special shipping solutions in order to maintain stable temperatures from pickup to delivery.

We make sure to stay on top of:

  • Risk management
  • Qualified Packaging (passive TCS)
  • Good Distribution Practise (GDP compliant)

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Relevant areas


Cosmetics can be very susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

We are experts at packing and keeping temperatures exactly where they need to be.

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Food & Beverage

In this sector, no matter if the goods are fresh or frozen, transports are highly regulated.

We know exactly how to go about securing the right temperature for your shipment.

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Not only correct packaging will ensure that the temperature is kept stable.

Proper documentation and selecting the optimal shipping route and solution is also key.

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Cool runnings

We have extensive experience in this field, ranging from fresh produce, perishable materials to pharmaceutical samples and we know exactly what measures need to be taken for safe and on time deliveries.

Cooler than ice

Depending on the content we have all the solutions to ensure safe shipping of goods that are temperature sensitive:

  • dry shipper / liquid nitrogen (temperature control systems (TCS) for -195°C or colder)
  • dry ice (TCS  for -78°C)
  • freeze (TCS for -25 to -15°C
  • refrigerated (TCS for +2 to +8°C)
  • room temperature (TCS for +15 to +25°C)