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In a globalized, high-paced world with rapid technological advancement, managing tech and IT-logistics is both complex and time consuming. The goods within these sectors are often very valuable but delays in shipping causing disrupted production flows and down time can be even more costly.

No matter what you are transporting, our inhouse team of dedicated experts will act as advisors towards you as a client to ensure tailor-made and on-time solutions, every time.


Client case

What: all equipment (for the world's largest VR park)
Where: all over the world - Dubai
When: 3 days

YSDS Way: the biggest challenge for this shipment was to co-ordinate the logistical task of managing goods flying in from all over the world. We shipped the goods by commercial cargo and handled everything from customs clearance to storage and final mile delivery to the Dubai mall. Every delivery needed to be made after midnight when the Dubai mall was closed.

Fun fact: we even shipped a carousel.