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To us, all our clients shipments are special and we treat every single one with the same high level of professionalism throughout our service chain, from pickup to delivery.

However, we do love shipments that stands out from the rest.
We are always up for a good challenge since they make us grow, both as individuals and as a company.

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Client case

What: Invitation
Where: Helsinki to Teheran, Iran
When: 60 hours

YSDS Way: Our client, a university in Helsinki, needed our help in locating a person in Teheran and send him a formal, written invitation. This turned out to be quite the challenge besides a very tight deadline, the client did not have any contact info, only his name. After some research we managed to locate him, got the export license from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, confirmed the import clearance and final delivery, booked the transit flight by commercial airline cargo to Teheran, completed the export clearance and the document was on its way!

An agent of ours received the document at Mehrabad International Airport, import cleared it and delivered, 57h after pickup.

Fun fact: The recipient even had time to eat lunch before he needed to present the invitation to the university board.


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