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Privacy Policy

Your Special Delivery Service (YSDS) respects your integrity and the right to control your personal data in accordance with the new GDPR regulations. We aim to be transparent regarding what personal information we collect and why we are collecting it. We will always strive to keep the collected data as secure as possible using accepted practices regarding information storage within the industry.

In our privacy policy we describe what data is being collected, to what purpose and how you can gain access to your personal information as well as how to contact us. This policy applies when you use apps, websites and other services which are being administered by YSDS. YSDS is to be regarded as the data controller in accordance with current applicable legislation.

What is happening on our website during your visit

  • We track your web activity and might use it for marketing purposes.
  • We collect personal data on certain occasions with the purpose of enabling marketing communication, product/service information and client communication.
  • We process personal data by sending them to integrated systems.
  • We save personal data in our system for marketing analysis.
  • We conduct automatic profiling based on web activity, and your profile can be used for marketing purposes.

Personal data we collect:

Your Special Delivery Service primarily collects data from you as a client, such as name, contact info, phone number and email. YSDS might update your data from other public registers, such as SPAR, if necessary to maintain a sound directory assistance.

Your Special Delivery Service registers, or might come to register your personal data associated with:

  • Signing up for a service offered via the different platforms that the Company offers.
  • When you give out your email address or phone number on our website.
  • If you contact us via email, phone, website and/or social media.
  • If you sign up for our news letter
  • Your visit on our website and/or app, including but not limited to traffic data, location data, web logs and other communication data as well as the IP-address, type of device, operating system and browser type used for the visit.

Lawfulness of processing

The collection and processing of data is performed in accordance with Article 6 (f) of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We collect your IP-address, location data and interests with the purpose of improving our marketing towards you.

When you visit our website you also approve the use of cookies, both so called first-party and third-party cookies on your computer, phone, tablet etc. These cookies will track and follow your online behavior with the purpose of offering you behavior based marketing.

How we use collected information

YSDS processes personal information mainly for the purposes stated below as well as for other potential purposes, stated at the time of collection:

  • To complete orders of services via one of YSDS’s platforms.
  • Enable customer service, such as managing your requests, correct false information or send information requested by you, such as news letters.
  • Order information of services that is being stored and analyzed, as well as serve as basis for offers and discounts as well as marketing of both specific and more generic character.
  • To be able to administer client profiles, conduct analysis and market research.
  • For system administration and to generate statistical data on our visitor’s behaviors and patterns. This is done on an aggregated level and will not identify individuals.
  • To, thoroughly analyze your online behavior, develop, deliver and improve our services.
  • Personal data is also analyzed to conduct segmentation/profiling, in order to develop directed offers and services.
  • To send you information and marketing through SMS, email, app, push notices or other digital contact channels such as social media while you have an active client relationship with us.
  • To be able to contact you via app, SMS, email or mail regarding other offers, campaigns or services we believe can be of interest to you. Observe that you can at any time choose to decline this type of marketing.
  • To provide you relevant recommendations, offers and customized services based on what others with similar behavioral patterns have shown interest in, what type of service you have chosen, viewed or shown interest in.
  • To help us improve our website and app to be more usable and to improve your user experience offered by YSDS by being able to adapt the display of services to the used device.
  • To send important messages such as communication on changes in our terms and conditions and policies.

Information that can be shared

We can share information to other companies that process data on behalf of YSDS in order for us to conduct our services, such as analysis, distribution or other services to maintain and apply our general and delivery terms. All processing and storage of personal data is however observed with high security and your privacy in mind.

YSDS only co-operate with partners that process personal data within EU/EES or with companies that maintain the same level of protection as within EU/EES by, for example, committing to the so-called Privacy Shield agreement between the EU and USA.

About cookies

When you use our website and app, personal information might be collected via cookies. This is however only conducted through consent. The information on your behavior and what pages you visited is then stored. This could be technical information about your device and internet connection such as operative system, browser version, IP-address, cookies and unique identifiers. By visiting websites where our services are provided, different techniques can be used to recognize you with the purpose of learning more about our visitors and/or users. This can happen directly or through using third party technology. If you wish to delete the cookie data stored in the browser, you can delete these through instructions for your particular browser.

Legal basis, storage and disposal of personal information

By giving information to YSDS, you give your consent and permission for YSDS to register and store information on what service you purchased as well as processing the given information for specified purposes. As legal basis for processing YSDS will refer to fulfilling agreements, legitimate interest or consent. Should YSDS use legitimate interest as basis, it will only be made in accordance with the purposes stated above.

Observe that you can at any time recall your consent by contacting us (see below).

Storing and processing is in accordance with current legislation and means that personal data is not stored for a longer period than what is necessary with respect to the purposes of the storage. YSDS will store your personal data as long as you are a client with us. For marketing purposes, information older than 3 years will not be used. This means, purely practical, that information is being eliminated when it is no longer necessary for analysis or direct marketing for the purposes they were collected. Some information might be kept longer than required due to other legal requirements, such as Accounting Laws. High levels of security and privacy are always being observed regarding personal information.

Your rights and choices

You have certain rights in regard to your personal information and you have the right to affect it and what is being stored. YSDS will on its own or its client’s initiative correct information that is detected as inaccurate. You can at any time require that your personal information is deleted or that its usage is limited by contacting us (see below). Should you deem your rights not being respected by us, you are welcome to contact us or relevant governmental bodies.

You can at any time refrain from receiving marketing communication from us by contacting us or unregister yourself from further communication through email or SMS. You are always welcome to contact us to receive help in these matters.

You can, at no cost, once per year, obtain information on what personal data is registered with YSDS, by asking for a transcript from YSDS, in written form.

Links to other websites

In the case of links to third party websites from YSDS’s website or material published at third parties, these links are only for information purposes. Since YSDS lack control over the content on these websites or its material we are not responsible for its content. YSDS is not responsible for damage or loss that might arise from the usage of such links.

Contact us

For further information on privacy policy or should you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at:

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This Privacy Policy is valid from 25/5/2018