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Next Flight Out (NFO)

We know that your product is unique. Perhaps it’s the only one of its kind in the world. Sometimes it’s temperature sensitive or sometimes it’s extremely urgent and needs to be in Shanghai tomorrow. Sometimes both.

We customize and execute every shipment to ensure a safe and on-time delivery worldwide without any delay.

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When speed is everything

By evaluating all available commercial airlines and routes, the YSDS team can enable shipping to any destination in the fastest and most reliable way possible. The shipment is picked up, flown, pre-cleared in customs and rapidly delivered with a dedicated driver to the final consignee, always with the highest priority.

All available options

Most clients utilizing Next Flight Out (NFO) tends to be owners of products categorized to Emergency Part Logistics (EPL) and Aircraft On Ground (AOG) which are characterized by high value, urgency and/or products requiring high security or quality throughout the transport chain from door to door. Basically, products where there is no margin for error.

The high performance and flexible transport mode of using the commercial airlines is often considered the only option for critical shipments of this kind.

Typical Uses:

Pharma shipments

Transporting pharmaceuticals is among the most demanding logistics challenges.

Delays or damages to the goods can have severe impact on years of rearch, large investments and even human lives.

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Temp critical shipments

Goods that are sensitive to temperature shifts require special shipping solutions.

We know exactly how to maintain stable temperatures from pickup to delivery.

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Time critical shipments

Need something to arrive before a certain deadline?

We will evaluate all options to decide on the most suitable solution for on-time deliveries.

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