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The main factors to consider when shipping are:

Type of goods - what is being transported?
Urgency - when does it need to be delivered?
Destination - where is it going?

As with all things YSDS, you don't have to decide on a solution in advance.
We customize every individual shipment for our client - determining and selecting solutions best suited for your particular needs.

If you have special requirements, don't hesitate to get in touch right away!

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Service levels

Next Flight Out (NFO)

By evaluating all available commercial airlines and routes, the YSDS team can enable shipping to any destination in the fastest and most reliable way possible.
Read more about Next Flight Out (NFO)

Customized Crating

Whether you are shipping antiques, artwork, race cars or other goods of high value and/or with packing sensitive needs, you can count on us to create safe and reliable solutions.
Read more about Customized Crating

Dedicated Vehicle

When your urgent shipments must be transported immediately and terminal handling is out of the question - a direct car/truck could be the most optimal solution.
Read more about Dedicated Vehicle


In a perfect world when time is on your side, you are prepared for everything in good time.
In a perfect world, economy is always the best option.
Read more about Economy


A safe and fast way for domestic and international deliveries. They are faster than standard shipping methods and you can expect next day delivery to most destinations.
Read more about Express


Import shipping involves regulations to consider, licenses to be acquired and customs procedures to overcome. Let us alleviate you with separate parts or the full scope of your import logistics chain.
Read more about Import

On Board Courier

By personally accompanying your goods and using the next available flight on all airlines, we maximize the speed and security of your shipment.
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Can't find what you are looking for? No need to worry, we customize solutions for any shipping related problem. Contact us for a free consultation now.
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Shipping. Made easy.

Instead of spending time making sure everything is correctly packed and labeled while selecting and booking the correct transportation method based on your urgency, leave all of that to us.

We call it the YSDS Way™, and simply means that we take care of everything related to your shipping needs.

Read more about the YSDS Way, and what we do to provide the best service level in the industry at the same prices as the rest.

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