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On-Board Courier

Does your shipment need a personal bodyguard?

On-Board Courier (OBC) or hand carry is a service sometimes necessary for particularly urgent, confidential or valuable shipments. Just like it sounds it is a courier that personally flies with your package, having it by his side.

So, how does it work? Well, first of all we make sure the package is small enough to go as hand luggage (it is off-course possible to check-in larger shipment as luggage as well, but we prefer to be in close proximity to your shipment) and that it doesn’t contain any dangerous goods for airline safety reasons. After checking local custom regulations, we book the first available flight and are on our way.

Due to the entry requirements, some countries are quite hard to get into without a visa or citizenship. Thanks to our independence we can, if we consider it to be faster and better for the client, use external partners with the relevant visas or citizenship to do so.

What do our clients usually send with our OBCs? Passports, confidential documents and prototypes, that cannot risk to be lost or are extremely time critical, are common examples. A less common example is when a famous sportsperson wanted a not yet released version of a popular video game. Whatever the case might be we can help you with a customized solution to fit your needs.

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