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Dangerous Goods

Dangerous Goods is, just as it sounds, something that has potential to harm people, physical assets and/or the environment. What several people don’t realize is that many seemingly harmless products are in fact dangerous goods. Many companies are working with dangerous goods on a daily basis without recognizing it. Lithium batteries that can be found in, practically every, mobile phone and laptop, or perfumes and spray deodorants are examples of dangerous goods. Oils and lubes in machinery is yet another.

Not only does 100% correct documentation greatly reduce the risk of delays, lost shipments and therefore your investment. But the consequences of not correctly declaring and handling these items can lead to expensive fines, and in some cases the risk of being blacklisted for future shipping.

Of course, when working with us you don’t need to worry about any of this. Whatever mission you approach us with, we can help you ensure that there are no dangerous goods within and if so make sure that the right documentation and packaging is taken cared of accordingly.

Whether you are aware or not, you can be sure that your package is handled in a safe and correct manner. That way we not only reduce the risk of delay but also increase the safety for the people handling the goods and potential passengers on a commercial flight.

Unlike others, we handle the full scope of your delivery from it being picked up to delivered, and everything in between. We have IATA/DGR & ADR training and a broad knowledge and experience of managing the most complicated missions.

  • Dangerous Goods (DG)
  • IATA/DGR Trained & Certified
  • ADR Trained & Certified
  • Dangerous Goods packaging
  • Live Animals
  • Biological UN 1845 / 3373 / 2814 / 2900 / etc.
  • Flammable UN 1170 / 1950 / 1993 / etc.
  • Lithium UN 3480 / 3481 / 3090 / 3091 / etc.
  • Toxic / Poisonous UN 2810 / 2811 / 3077 / 3082
  • Radioactive UN 2910 / 2911
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