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By now you probably know that we offer cost efficient solutions, on time deliveries and superior customer service to our clients, in all of our different service levels. So we don’t need to tell you more about that. But in some particularly time critical cases, saving time is more important than the cost of the transport. This is where our charter solution comes into play.

Maybe your production has come to a standstill due to a missing spare part and every minute without it results in lost revenue. Maybe you need medical supplies to a disaster zone.

Charter means we can have your cargo airborne within the hour on a dedicated aircraft. That means that the aircraft will take off with your cargo alone and head directly to your final destination without having flown a single unnecessary mile. The cargo will be loaded and unloaded through its own terminal making it the most secure and fastest solution for transportation available.

  • Time Critical Charter
  • Cargo Aircraft charter
  • Heavy and outsize cargo
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Remote Destinations
  • Helicopters
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