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Managing the logistics of sensitive and expensive Medtech equipment is time consuming and requires extensive experience as well as in-depth industry knowledge.

We help companies in this field with customized solutions on a daily basis.

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A matter of life

High transport quality is crucial for fragile equipment and sensitive instruments, any mismanagement throughout the logistics-chain can not only jeopardize the safety of the goods but in some cases also the patients.

Client case

What: X-ray machine
Where: Sydney, Australia - Stockholm, Sweden
When: no hard deadline (but safe transport!)

YSDS Way: One year earlier, we had shipped this delicate Medtech equipment as a temporary export, intended for a time limited case study. Once the project ended, our client wanted us to get it back. Unfortunately, the crate used for the initial shipment had been disposed of, so we needed to build a new one, off-site. We contacted one of our agents in Australia, and since the equipment was classified as Dangerous Goods, it needed to be both packed and documented in compliance with IATA regulations. We shipped the goods through commercial flight and was later delivered in mint condition.

One stop logistics shop

We aim to be our clients´ full service partner that handles the full scope of their logistics-chain, including packing, handling and documentation:

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