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In a world where new technology emerges rapidly, so does the need for more complex and cost efficient logistics solutions. Not only do individuals want the latest smartphone, but both small companies as well as multinational corporations constantly needs to be updated with the latest news in IT, telecom and hi-tech.

But with new technology comes new problems. Technology have a tendency to malfunction at the worst possible time. With most companies today being technology dependent, a server breakdown or missing spare part can lead to standstill with the potential for great loss of revenue. We understand the true meaning of time critical and have extensive experience of Aircraft On Ground (AOG) and Emergency Parts Logistics (EPL). We can help you minimize downtime and time-to-market using solutions such as Next Flight Out (NFO), On-Board Courier (OBC), Air Freight and Charter Solutions.

As we understand how time consuming and complex managing tech and IT-logistics can be, we have dedicated experts with an in-depth industry knowledge who work as advisors guiding you from quote to delivery. And we are just a phone call away, 24/7.

Whether you are transporting servers, AV systems or prototypes, we do not only provide tailor-made, on-time solutions. But we also help you with all export and import documents, can aid you in license matters, as well as with the communication with local customs. None of this is considered to be an add-on service from our part and that’s why we wouldn’t imagine charging you extra for it.

  • Aircraft On Ground (AOG)
  • Emergency Part Logistics (EPL)
  • On-board Courier (OBC)
  • On-call 24/7
  • Commercial Flight Shipping
  • Charter Solutions
  • Express Logistics
  • Import / Export
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