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We know that your product is unique. Perhaps it’s the only one of its kind in the world. Sometimes it’s temperature sensitive or sometimes it needs to be in Shanghai tomorrow. Sometimes both.

Whether you need assistance with clinical trial logistics, drug returns or temperature sensitive cargo we know that timing, correct packaging and handling is crucial for a successful outcome. Any mismanagement throughout the logistic-chain will not only jeopardize the safety of your product but also greatly affect the return on your investment.

Maybe you know exactly how your product needs to be transported and what documents are necessary, or perhaps you have no idea. Either way, we offer broad knowledge, GDP compliance and extensive industry experience of the best and most cost efficient transport alternatives and correct documentation, handling and qualified packaging.

We tailor and execute every shipment for each mission to ensure a safe and on-time delivery. Our knowledgeable, GDP compliant, operations team will guide you through the entire process from quote to delivery. We don’t consider this an additional service as we simply don’t know any other way, and this is why we don’t charge you extra for it.

This is how our clients know us. Come strikes, come natural disasters or a seemingly impossible mission, they can trust we deliver. When others stand still, we move.

We simply handle every product like it’s the cure for cancer. Because sometimes, it is.

  • GDP Compliance
  • Clinical Trial Logistics
  • Time Critical / Sensitive
  • Cold-chain Logistics
  • Qualified Packaging
  • Temperature Control Solutions
    • Controlled Room Temperature (CRT)
    • Refridgerated +2 – +8 °C
    • Frozen -25 – -15 °C
    • Dry Ice -78 °C
    • Ultra Low (Liquid Nitrogen)-195 °C
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Import / Export
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