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About us

We know that you probably are in a hurry, most of our customers are. If you don’t have the time to read this text to the end, please just pick up the phone and dial +1-877-766 80 80 and we’ll give you the one-minute-executive-summary over the phone.

Otherwise, this is how it goes: What we offer are all the services to ensure smooth deliveries. Our job is preparing, wrapping, packing, paperworking, sending, tracking and, finally, delivering your shipment.

It might not sound like a big deal, but trust us, it is. On a good day an average porter’s office spends 15 minutes preparing each shipment. Our clients spend 15 seconds! This is because we take care of everything.

Here’s how it works

1) We are an independent company, which allows us to use the best shipping method and network for each specific shipment. Different types of goods, weights, priorities and destinations all have different requirements. So no need for you to walk into the jungle of tariffs and hidden costs. We do it for you.

We pack and weigh your shipment according to our Your Special Delivery Service Secure Package System © a.k.a the YSDS SPS. We use the correct packing materials for your goods and therefore optimize the size of the package. This lowers freight costs and greatly reduces the risk of damaged goods in transit. By the way, we don’t charge you for this.

2) We take care of delivery notes, custom papers and all other the paperwork that you can ever think of. 100% correct documentation greatly reduces the risk of delays and lost shipments. By the way, we don’t charge you for this either.

3) We track and follow each shipment. Of course, you are welcome to use the latest online tracking services, but we recommend a quick mail or call to our helpful and friendly team, and they will tell you in no time what status your shipment has. We love when our customers call us! That is usually the most efficient way of handling stuff (even in the 21st online century). And we promise that we don’t use one of those dreadful speech enabled self-service systems that no one seems to like anyway. By the way, we don’t charge you for this either.

What’s the catch?

How can we have superior service without charging extra? First of all we are a lean organization with only minimal overhead costs. Secondly we are an independent company and customize each shipment with the best suitable network for best quality and price.

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