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Food & Beverage

Managing logistics for the food and beverage sector is highly regulated and can be both difficult and costly to manage. No matter if the goods are fresh or frozen, contain alcohol or is in any way affected by international import/export licences; we tailor and execute every shipment to ensure a safe and timely delivery.

All you need to do is call or send us an email explaining WHAT, WHEN and WHERE – and we will take care of everything else, including:

  • customs brokerage
  • counselling in tax and licence issues
  • temperature controlled packaging

Client case

What: a (premium) box of chocolates
Where: Zürich - Stockholm
When: next day delivery

YSDS Way: For our Zürich office, Christmas time equals massive amounts of chocolate shipments. One of the worlds leading manufacturers of premium chocolates had lost an important shipment to Stockholm, Sweden on Dec 22nd and reached out to us for a fast solution since it needed to be delivered before the 24th. To make matters worse, Christmas eve this year was on a Sunday!

We instantly picked the goods up and shipped it through NFO (Next Flight Out) where it was collected by one of our Stockholm couriers on Saturday morning. The goods where then a few hours later personally delivered to the consignee.

Fun factor: the recipient was so impressed he wrote a "thank-you-card" to our Swiss client, thanking them for "EPIC delivery service".