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The logistics sector stands for a large share of emissions that our earth has to deal with. At YSDS, one of our main objectives is to make sure those emissions are kept at a minimum.

We are always aiming for the smartest solutions to our client's needs and to us, that also includes sustainability.


As a company we have taken the following actions to minimize our environmental impact:

  • Biogas driven vehicles
  • Power supply provided through windmills
  • Complete waste and recycling management facility
  • Carbon offsets on all international shipments where possible
  • Customized packing to avoid unnecessary volume of goods
  • Recycling of packing materials


Without delays, we try to adapt to the best possible options with the least environmental impact the market can offer. Our promise to you as a client, is that we will always explore every avenue, regardless if you ask for it or not, to find a more sustainable way to handle your shipment.

We believe that this long term commitment over short term profitability will pay off for everyone.

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