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Corporate items

The biggest challenges with international shipping are risks in delays or damaged goods caused by poor packing, labeling and documentation. It is easy to confuse market specific processes and regulations which ultimately leads to the goods getting stuck in customs and worst case even monetary penalties.

We know exactly how to avoid this.

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Client case

What: laptop
Where: Stockholm - London
When: next day delivery

YSDS Way: the CEO at one of our clients had left for a business trip but had forgotten her laptop at home. Our task was to get it delivered in time for an important presentation the following day. After we picked it up, we decided that since it was not super urgent, we could ship it through the regular cargo network and still be delivered in time for her meeting.

Fun fact: our client was expecting this to be very expensive due to it being delivered within 24h but we were able to get it there in a cost-efficient way and still be on time.


No matter WHAT, WHERE and WHEN you need something transported, YSDS will take care of the whole shipping process for you, without charging for the extra services.

Already have a logistics deparment? Some of our biggest client does too, and use us as overhead or to deal with the more complex issues. Get in touch to hear more about it!

What's included in our service:


Goods located at your front desk? Warehouse? Factory?

Let us know where and we will be there in a jiffy.

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Weighing & Measuring

Length, girth, height, weight and volumetric weight of parcels has impact on both price and handling.

Let us take care of that for you.

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Don't have your own packing station or equipment?

We do, let us do handle everything related to packing for you. Securely.

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Compliant documentation is fundamental for successful international shipments.

We have extensive experience of getting your paperwork right.

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Shipping labels identify content and special handling requirements.

Leave it to us to ensure this is handled correctly.

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What shipping method and network is best suited for your goods?

Our operations team are experts at finding the most optimal solution.

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Some goods are more sensitive to damage than others.

We know what measures to take for ensuring delicate handling.

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We allocate dedicated resources to track all your shipments.

Predicting and remove potential obstacles before they cause any problems.

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Customer service

Tired of waiting in endless, automated customer service queues?

We offert human connections and personal relationships, 24/7/365.

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