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YSDS is all about the people working here, they are the foundation for our success by providing our clients with the best service and expertise in the business.

We are constantly on the lookout for people to join our team of "superprofessionals" who share our passion for service and solution-oriented shipping.


  • We believe in happy people
  • A smile is contagious and can change the world
  • Having fun at work contributes to positive attitude towards colleagues, clients, work and life
  • A fun work place is the best way to make us feel good and creates an atmosphere of trust


  • We believe in passionate people
  • Passion makes us feel good about ourselves
  • Passion creates the energy we feel from doing the things we are excited about
  • Passion strengthens from being at the right place with the right people


  • We believe in responsible people
  • Personal responsibility is about the ability to make the right decisions at work and in life
  • Collective responsibility is about helping out and supporting others at work and in life
  • Social responsibility is about striving for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions

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Like all great teams, YSDS rely on many different competences to work our magic. Where is your spot?


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